Working, and now not working

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Hi Laine!

I’m going to take a little liberty and guess that you mean your Keto diet was working before (perhaps for losing weight) and now it is not working.

A true stall is when you see no difference in your weight or your size (meaning how your clothes fit) for at least 2 weeks. Sometimes our scale doesn’t move but our body is still losing inches.

When I hit a true weightloss stall I do a few things. 1. I check how much dairy, nuts and nut products I’m consuming. I also will incorporate a carb up practice of this stall happened once I was fat adapted. (At least 40 days in). This is when I add in around 1/2 my body weight of carbs (in grams!) to my dinner. Example: add a sweet potato or side of quinoa or rice. I would do this maybe 1 time a week.

Only you know your body and history/relationship with food if that would work for you or send you into a carb fest.

Another option to try and break a stall would be a fat fast. This would be where you reduce your carb and protein intake and eat mostly fast. There is also an egg fast too. Just google “egg fast recipes” or “fat fast recipes” for some inspiration.

Hope that helps!


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