Will one bowl of Icecream every few weeks affect me?


If, every two weeks of successful keto, I have a dish of ice cream, other than having to immediately going back on the keto plan, what would the downsides be?

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Hello, fellow ice cream lover!

Ok, so check this out.¬†¬†Going in and out of eating keto won’t damage your body I don’t believe, it just won’t benefit you as much as full keto. I do also know that when I go off and on keto eating (aka a bowl of ice cream every 2 weeks), I feel pretty sluggish when starting back.

I also experience the keto flu over and over. Those would be reasons to not go on and off. I also feel it is counterproductive. Your body won’t heal (if this is your goal, it was part of mine) very quickly because it is like plugging in a blow up for a birthday party (getting your body processes going) then turning it off every few minutes. It will never reach its full potential and be able to support you like it could if it was being filled correctly.

There are lots of yummy keto friendly ice cream recipes! Also, frozen fat bombs help to satisfy my ice cream cravings.

Hope that helps!

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