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Hi, I have “trying” to do keto for about 3 weeks now but I think I am doing something wrong.  Initially, I lost 6.4 pounds but in the past 2 weeks, I have stayed at the same weight.  This is frustrating and a little disconcerting.  I am wondering if my prescription topical ointment (which is for a skin condition and contains steroids) may be causing a problem?

  • jschwizzle
    I can’t help with the medical question but I do know that once I lose the initial weight (I’ve started keto a few times now) I tend to plateau for a week or two. Hopefully you have stuck with it. If not, I suggest restarting and remember, you are teaching your body to burn fat so until you make that switch you might not lose a bunch. You have to keep at it for an extended time. On another note, I mix intermittent fasting with keto for quicker results. Not necessarily the healthiest so make sure to listen to your body.
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