Why haven't I lost any weight on keto or paleo?


Since I have tried both Keto and Paleo,  I have not gotten any results. I had my2nd lumbar fusion in December and now I have 14 pounds to lose. I am not sure why the scale doesn’t budge. My cooking habits have always been clean eating, sugar free, and grain free. Either I am not eating enough, or too much? I use MyFitnessPal, watch my macros, walking nearly every day, and count my steps using a very good app called Pedometer Step Counter, which is very user friendly.

I really am at a lose, bothered by this. While it is only 14 pounds….. I feel much better thin.

Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Robyn! There are so many reasons for stubborn weightloss. Sometimes you have to keep trying different things to see which works best in your body. Have you already eliminated dairy and nuts from your diet? Have you ever been tested for any food allergies such as nightshades? Sometimes these will create a stall. Also, I’d be happy to look at your macros and see if I can help in any way.


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