If I am in ketosis, when does the weight loss start?


Hello all

i have been eating low carb for a year preparing for my keto journey.

i have a bad history of eating disorders and a very bad diet in general.

i am 2 weeks in keto and my blood sugars are for the most part below 4.4(80). My ketones today were 2.2 on the am.

i feel I am in ketosis but when does the weight loss start?

Do I have to reduce my fat?

I am having up to 250g of fat a day to prevent hypoglycaemia symptoms I was having.

I don’t have those anymore. I heard that you should wait till you are in deep ketosis before dropping fat as your body may switch back to carb burning ?

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Hi Abby, do you test at all for your ketone level with urine test strips, breath testing or blood ketone levels? They will all help you know if you are in Ketosis or not. That amount of fat you are on seems awfully high? It depends on your weight etc. I’m 125 lb and I’m on 100g fat per day about 70g protein and not more than 30g carbs. I fast pretty near every day so I’m a OMAD (one meal a day) person OR I will have my first meal around 3pm and don’t eat anything after 8pm.

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