Help me understand how to eat keto


How do you keep carbs low while keeping fats high? Also I can’t seem to find the energy and clarity that keto people keep talking about.

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How long have you been keto?  Many times that energy only comes after you are completely fat adapted, and the more carb addicted you are – the longer it takes to get there.


Keep fat high shouldn’t be too hard unless you have a lot of dietary restrictions.  If you can have dairy – butter, full fat cheeses and sour cream, and heavy cream are your friends.  Like I had 3 eggs, 2 oz chorizo, 2 tbl sour cream, 2 tbl shredded cheese with some heavy cream in my coffee for breakfast.  That was pretty much right on for macros.

Other High fat, low carb foods include: avocados, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, nuts (not peanuts or cashews), fatty fish.


Some more unique options that I often snack on: oil and vinegar marinated artichoke hearts, butter sautéed mushrooms, macadamia nuts and cheese, unsweetened nut and chia seed butter with berries, chia seeds and either full fat coconut milk or heavy cream soaked overnight to make a pudding with some berries and cinnamon (you can even heat it up and make it more like oatmeal).


Hopefully those ideas help

  • Becky
    awesome, advice Tammy!
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Hey Milton!

Great question! I am actually one of those souls who can’t do dairy. (Wahh!) I get in my fats by cooking with them or in homemade salad dressings. I do also eat nuts for snacks if I am hungry. The Macademia nuts or Pili nuts are awesome! I also make different varieties of fat bombs to get up my macros, but only if I am feeling like I need it. I think sometimes we will pack on higher fat just to get those macros right when really our bodies may not need the extra for that day. Listen to your body’s needs more than just the numbers in your app.

I found I had a great surge of energy about 2 weeks into keto then it leveled out. For me now it is more of a constant “alertness” vs an energy drink type spike in the day. I hope that helps!


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