Why did I stop losing weight?


I am confused…… I have been doing KETO since shortly after Christmas….. I lost 5 lbs that I had gained during the holidays and was very excited.  After that, NOTHING!!!!!!!!  I am doing almost NO carbs, and low calories.  Now, I have gained 2 or 3 lbs back.  I am so frustrated!!!!! everyone that I know that is doing Keto is loosing like crazy and I am NOT!  I have had the gastric sleeve, and I wonder if this has anything to do with it.  I am also drinking the keto max drinks every day.  I feel like I stay hungry and I am frustrated!  someone please help me!!!!!

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Hey Cherly,

Thanks for reaching out. I have a few ideas! Are you tracking how much you are eating? It could be that you are too low carb and too low calorie. If you are keeping your numbers lower than your body’s threshold that it needs it will actually hold on to the weight as a survival mechanism. It sounds like that may be part of what is happening. Also, the keto drinks and things are great for focus but not always as effective for weight loss. It doesn’t sound like you are doing this, but sometimes the keto mixes may hinder your progress if you grab things that aren’t keto knowing you will have the drink to get you into ketosis.

Another thing to consider is an underlying dairy sensitivity. Maybe take dairy out of your diet for 2 weeks or more then see if you do any better. I would also suggest trying Intermittent Fasting if you are not a person that is chronically stressed. I would say to hold off on this if you lead a stressful life.

Have you ever tried a fat or egg fast to get a jumpstart? If none of the above things help, maybe try a fat or egg fast!

Good luck!

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