Do I still have the keto flu?


It’s been over a month got dizzy after the2nd day of starting keto that was March 6 still light headed woozy feeling come and go have anyone experienced this feeling it is not as bad my energy was sappy when first started

  • Carolyn JORDAN asked 3 weeks ago
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Hey Carolyn!

Poor thing! Thanks for reaching out to your community for help! It sounds to me like you are still having some electrolyte imbalances! Are you taking any supplements? I know when I have that feeling of dizziness I am low in magnesium. Here is a great article about keto and supplements.

Also, are you tracking what you are eating? Perhaps you are getting too much or too little protein? I know if I overdo my protein it will zap my energy and even make me jittery at times. The problem is that too much protein will convert in the body to glucose so it will knock you out of ketosis. If you eat too little protein, you can be hungry and shakey too.

Perhaps track and see where you are on your macros and see if there needs to be to any adjustments.


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