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Hi There, Sorry if I ask too many questions……… I’m new to this. Not new to low carb, I can easily pass up breads, pastas and rice – but I do love my veg and fruits….. *sigh* So I’ll have to watch that…… my concern:

I used your keto macro calculator and it wants me to eat 119 grams of FAT a day!!!  When I was low carb and counting calories I was limiting myself to between 30-40 grams of FAT a day!!!! Are you sure this is correct?

Also I see Ghee, but not butter on your list. I know ghee is clarified butter, but what is wrong with good old butter – such as a Kerrygold that is all natural?

Thanks!! Any other newbie want to be a KetoBuddy?


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Hey Melissa!

All super great questions! Let’s see if I can help. 🙂

  1. I personally go over my carbs on some days by adding in great veggies. Stick to things that are low carb but don’t limit your salad greens just because they add a few extra carbs. 🙂 Also I enjoy all kinds of berries to help with my love for fruit! Also, I will sometimes feel the need for extra carbs in a day I may eat an apple or sweet potato as a carb up practice!
  2. Yep! That could be right. If you are unsure that is the right amount, I suggest downloading an app such as my fitness pal and see what it calculates for you. I usually get my fat macros higher by eating fat bombs but if I am under for the day I don’t worry too much about it. I don’t suggest eating extra fat just to get your macros for the day. The reason you would want more fat is if you are hungry throughout the day.
  3. Nothing is wrong with KerryGold! I love butter but it doesn’t love me. (I Have a dairy sensitivity). The list of foods does not include dairy because so many people have a sensitivity to it. Also, it is overused big time when people start a keto diet. If you eliminate it from your plate for at least two weeks, then add it back in, you may notice a difference in how you feel! If you know you aren’t sensitive then butter on my friend! 🙂


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