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Hi, I just started Keto, my u/a strips show moderate ketones, about 40.  Where should I be? 160?

Also, someone told me I need to subtract fiber from my veggies, when I enter it into my fitness pal, what are they talking about? How do I do that? Otherwise my carbs show 9-11% especially after I eat kale.

And last question, my RMR is 1593, but I can’t seem to consume that many calories, will that affect my outcome? How?


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Hey Marta!

1. Here is a great article about measuring your ketones! Moderate ketones are great! How do you feel?

2. I think that MyFitnessPal tracks your total carbs and your fiber. You would subtract the fiber from your total carbs to get your net carb amount. If you do not want to have to do that you can use other apps that track your net carbs such as Senza or Stupid Simple Keto. 🙂

Ex: Total Carbs 10-Fiber 8=Net carbs 2g

3. I know that your calories do make a difference on a keto diet but probably not as much as keeping your macronutrients in check. I do know that when I intermittent fast I’m tempted to restrict my calories because I’m only eating 2 meals. My advice would be to make see if you can get as close to your daily calorie count as possible but don’t stress. Also, if you have lost any weight you may want to recheck your amounts since your needs would change as you lose. I hope this helps! Here is another tool from Keto Summit to check and see if those numbers are still adequate for your body! Keto Calculator

Good luck and great questions!



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