Lengthy Recovery Time On Keto - Any Fixes?


Ever since I started Keto 8 weeks ago, I have been sore after workouts with lengthy recovery time. I tried increasing fat and protein, even electrolytes but it has not resolved. I’ve resorted to backing off of workouts. I’d heard BCAA but read they kick you out if ketosis. Id love to hear experience from others who have successfully remedied this!

  • Pam Down Under
    Hey Martie, Same here. I corrected this by taking magnesium and also upped my D3. I also take 2 x Creatine morning and night this doesn’t kick you out of ketosis. I always also work out in a fasted state and put Himalayan Rock Salt with 1/8 Tapback of cream of Tartar (potassium source) in my water whilst working out.
  • Pam Down Under
    1/8 teaspoon that should read lol
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