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I was wondering, if you are intermittent fasting and eating Keto, do you have to get all your calories in for the day in two meals (if I choose to eat twice that day) or one meal (if I choose to only eat once that day)? I’m concerned about starvation mode by not eating enough when I’m not fasting.  Does this matter?

I just came off a 7 day fast (felt horrible didn’t have the mental focus and energy everyone says despite being in ketosis.  However, once I ate a keto meal (although my stomach hurt) I felt a ton better a few hours later with energy and focus.  I’m still in ketosis (using blood ketone monitor) and one thing I did today was I worked out at Orange Theory and I had ZERO endurance.  Has anyone experienced this?  Shouldn’t you still be able to workout hard for hour and eat keto and be in ketosis?  If anyone has any experience with this I’d love to hear from you.

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Hello Dina!

Super questions! Thanks for reaching out. So for me, personally, I get all my calories in 2 meals. I would say not to do all your calories in one meal because that would be a ton of protein at once which won’t help your energy levels at all. There are some days that IF that I don’t get in all my calories. It is ok if it is every now and then but when you make a habit of it your body will start holding on to the fat.

I personally haven’t had any experience with lower performance on keto (ok, it is because I don’t work out haha) but I did read an article I think may help! Here it is. Keto and Athletes

Good luck!

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