Keto and cancer recovery


In June of 2018 underwent surgery to remove a rare type of pancreatic cancer.

During the procedure my spleen also had to be removed. When home following surgery had gained back about 10 of the 60 pounds I had lost. During the past weeks have lost that and some more, but seem to be at an impass even though following the keto diet. Bowel function is good with usually three movements per day. Still have some discomfort in incision sites. Wondering if my low weight loss and sometimes gain is due to body still healing from the surgery.

Thankfully do not need radiation or chemo treatments, but next week have a procedure with Nuclear medicine to have an injection following by  two body scans.

Will this procedure have an affect on my keto state? Should I be drinking lots of water between procedures?





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Hi Eric!
Congratulations on your continued recovery! I would dare to say that yes, this is probably part of your body’s inflammatory response. Also if you were very active before it may be from being less active too. I would say to keep up your water intake and continue on as you are doing. I am not a medical professional but I would guess this particular procedure wouldn’t disrupt your state of ketosis. Best of luck!

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