Is tracking my food necessary?


Hi everyone,

I am trying to get back on Keto. I did great for my first 2 weeks then “fell off”. My concern/question is tracking everything that I eat.  I find that it takes up too much of my time tracking every single gram and I was wondering if there is an easier way or a general guideline. I find I start to “obsess” over everything.  I certainly felt so much better being on it than not. Any advise?  Help

Thank you!!

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Hey Kani!

Thanks for the question! While tracking your food forever isn’t necessary, I do feel it is important, at least in the beginning. I’d say for the first 2 weeks go ahead and track your food using an app or written down (although this takes a while.) Try apps like my fitness pal, senza or stupid simple keto. All of those are user-friendly! Once you have a grasp on how much of each thing you should eat, you won’t need to continue tracking. I currently do not track daily, however, I will go back to tracking if I see changes in my digestion or on the scale. (Just to see what is going on and what I may need to tweak.)

Does that help?

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