Is the Keto diet suitable for SIBO


Hi, I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and abscess back in Feb 2018, had to stop eating food that wasn’t good for me, and I did the Diverticulitis diet, was on antibiotics for a month which made me sicker. Was then weaned into Low FodMat diet and fiber slowly. Still never felt right, but after much blood work, stool tests, Endoscopy all was normal. Finally got colonoscopy done and have severe Diverticulosis (3 spots) on sigmoid and had 6 polyps removed and a scrape of colon for biopsy. All normal. So finally ordered a breath test for SIBO which is slightly elevated Hydrogen SIBO. So had to switch diet up again no sugar, dairy, carbs, for 2 weeks. During the past 5 months I have lost 40lbs, with muscle mass loss. The dietitian put me on SCD diet , but hear that the Keto diet is better. What do you think? Is the Keto diet suitable for SIBO? I’ve already done the fasting phase Have not had sugar, carbs, dairy, in over a month. So if I was to start Keto where would I start? The other thing is I need fiber to preventing a flare up of Diverticulosis. So confusing.

Thank you for listening to a confused lady

Vickie Ware

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