Intermittent fasting


I was watching the Fasting Summit yesterday. All the talks were about intermittent fasting. There was a guy who was talking about starting your morning with bulletproof coffee or with lemon water or apple cider vinegar. He said that bulletproof coffee stops your intermittent fasting, because of the amino acids and that drinking lemon water or apple cider vinegar doesn’t do that.

I have understood the opposite.

So am I wrong or did I get it all wrong what he said, maybe I misunderstood the context he was talking about?  (English is not my mother tongue)… I understand that anything but water stops the fasting when you thing about fasting being The Fasting with no consumption of anything… but drinking lemon water (carbs) vs drinking bulletproof coffee (fat)…  fat doesn’t raise your blood sugar, but carbs do, right?

Would much appreciate it if someone can enlighten me with all of this 🙂

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