How to keep calories low and fat high on keto?


I have just started the keto diet and am having trouble figuring out how to keep calories low while keeping fat high. Please help. Thank you. Karen.

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Hi Karen,

Sorry for the late response. I am new to this forum.

I am a certified weight management specialist and I guide my clients to lose weight through nutritional ketosis, so this is an area in which I have done a lot of research. If you are using the keto diet for weight loss you do not need to concern yourself with calories AT ALL.

I know this is counter to what most people believe but calories alone do not impact our weight. For example, the only place a 100 calories of olive oil is the same as 100 calories of gummy bears is in a laboratory. A calorie is simply a unit of measure (heat)

The food you eat sends signals to the cells of your body. Each type of food sends different signals. And it has nothing to do with calories. For example. When you eat 100 calories of gummy bears it sends signals to your body. It turns that sugar into glucose, your pancreas is activated and produces insulin which in turn ‘carries’ that glucose into your cells to be used as energy. (This is a simplified explanation, but basically this is what happens).

If you take in too much sugar or certain carbs, your body can’t use all of that glucose and stores the excess as fat.

When you take in 100 calories of olive oil (or other fats) it sends totally different signals to your cells. It doesn’t activate your pancreas and as a result there is no insulin produced because there is no glucose from that fat. Your blood sugar levels are not affected. And there is nothing to store as excess fat as a result.

I could give a more detailed description of this process but the bottom line is this. Do not worry or count calories at all with a ketogenic diet. Focus on eating plenty of healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, fish, avocados, flax and chia seeds,etc.) a moderate amount of protein and plenty of  non-starchy vegetables.

I hope this has been helpful. I will keep an eye on this forum in case you have any follow up questions.

Good luck,

Ron Schaffer

  • Henry
    Oh, how I wish your answer was true. But I have found two reasons for eating fat on the diet. One is that it does not spike insulin and two, it reduces hunger. If you eat all you want of fat and protein in an unlimited fashion you will not lose weight. The Keto diet does nothing to address mindless eating. That’s a willpower issue or an emotional eating issue.
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