How much should I eat to lose weight?


I am looking to loose weight.  Im 55 and currently weigh 174.  I do not exercise YET but I used to.  I am 5’7″ and wanna get back down to 145 where I used to be – I have developed high blood pressure and think my weight is the cause and am hoping I can get off medicine for it.  Im looking to find out about how many calories, protein, fat and carbs I should be doing.  Ive done a couple charts and they all seem to vary.  Ive been doing Keto 3 weeks today.

Thank You

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I see this is an old post so I hope you were able to reach your goal! If you didn’t though, I would suggest using a keto calculator like THIS ONE or downloading an app that would give you calorie amount for losing weight. I would also try a dairy free approach to get a jumpstart! I do find that some calculators vary so I go by the ones in my app to make it simple. Everyone’s body and progress will be different! Keeping your carbs to around 20 net grams per day and trying a dairy-free approach is a great way to start! (at least in my experience).

Have you tried the Keto40 yet? All the recipes there make the keto journey easy because it is already dairy free. They have a class coming up on Monday!

Here’s the link:


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