Sustained high ketone levels..what is causing this and is this bad?


hello and thanks ahead of time for the help.

I’ve been on Keto for a month or so and continue to register very high ketone levels, higher than numbers on “higher end” of standard from the sources I’ve read.  I’m using blood testing strips and a digital reader.

the range has been between 5-8mmol/L.  I wouldn’t be concerned if this happened once or twice but I frequently get very high readings.  What is causing this? What does this mean and is it a negative or problematic?

I feel great energy wise, better and better.  I would be losing more weight (I’m 6’ 1” 155 lbs, want to get back to 140 lb or even 135lbs) but I’ve been sidelined from my normal active lifestyle due to sport injury.

Any insight would be much appreciated thank you!


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Hey, I don’t think that higher ketones are necessarily a bad thing if you are still feeling good. Here’s an article that may help understand levels. 🙂

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