Gaining Belly fat


I’ve been keto for about 4 months now and loving it but ever since I started I have noticed a steady gain in belly fat, which evidently appears to be visceral fat. This is the fattest my belly has been in years. The rest of my body is pretty lean but my belly is slowly getting bigger by the day. Ive been tracking my macros since the beginning but have been more dilligent lately due to my belly. My macros are pretty spot on at about 80% fat, 15% protein 5 % carb. My calories are slightly below maintenance and still no change. Ive even started to eliminate dairy and nuts to see if anyone change will come. Ive tried to research this and the only thing ive come close to an answer is I might have a fatty liver which might be impeding my metabolism of fats and proteins. God i hope ┬ánot because I do feel pretty good on this keto lifestyle. Please help, ANY insight will be helpful. Thank you

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