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Hi I wanted some opinions. I can not eat carbs or sugars due to them being the trigger for my ulcerative colitis flares. Celiac so no gluten, and I have enzyme issues that prevent me from eating meats. I live on mostly nuts, seeds, egg whites, leafy green veggies. I have a few concerns with keto and some foods. I try to compromise but I wanted you opinions if I should cut them back or need not worry about them to stay in ketoisis


Nutritional Yeast, I consume 3-4 tbsp a meal to get my B-vitamins I am a bit worried about the carb content I use KAL for this.

Tomatoes, I know you have to watch them due to sugars. I water them down in sauces 1/2 water 1/2diced tomatoes, blend with seasonings then thicken it with konjac flour which is supposed to be keto friendly. I consume 1/8-1/2 cup sometimes of these at meals. Should I worry about this and try to cut them out completely?


This brings up my other concern Konjac Flour. I use it for thickening in nut meal porridge, sauces, and in make dairy free cheese sauce out of coconut flour. I also consume Konjac noodles from miracle noodles, should I be concerned about them throwing me out of ketosis?


Pumpkin and hemp seeds, whole. I consume them whole shell and all for added fiber. My concern is perhaps the outer shell contains carbs which could be throwing me out of ketosis. I am unsure on this really. Can a high fiber diet mess with it?


Naked Jackfruit company Jackfruit unseasoned food service bags, I blend my own with seasoning for a meat sub, seems to be all fiber. But I am questioning it.


Whole Cocoa Beans. I eat 1/4-1/2 cup of ground cocoa beans a day. (Crio Bru) Not the defatted, or the defibered ones, just straight roasted and ground cocoa beans chock full of sat fat and fiber. I am unsure if this could be a issue. I use them as I have severe iron issues and anxiety in life. They give me a GREAT feeling, making me super happy go lucky, IDGAF even with all my health issues. And due to my extreme anemia I get cravings to eat dirt…like really, and this makes those cravings subside. (Ulcerative Colitis in combination of working out all the time and walking 14+ miles a day lead to ferratain never going above 6)


Egg whites, coconut flour, almonds. These are my staples that make up over 50% of my diet. I even make grain free bread out of coconut flour and egg whites. I consume close to 16-20 egg whites a day, 2-6oz of almonds and coconuts, 2-3oz of seeds, make sure I get at least 1/2 cup of kale or spinach a meal for vitamin A and K and 3-4scoops of pea protein a day. My health monitor tracks and says I burn 3800-4700 cal a day, I start the day with 20min HITT, walk all day and hit the weights for 20mins at the end of the day working different groups every day on rotation.

I sometimes partake in non dairy cheese, these use tapioca starch in them, should I worry about this? The best ones I can find are julian bakery paleo cheese, and lisanatti almond cheese…I sometimes use daiya but it really looks iffy.

I am also debating trying to boost my ketoisis by using exogenous ketones. My goal is to stay super leans body building, I am doing this as a challenge, it is sort of a inspirational thing for others withe these auto immune disease. I am showing the local community it can be done.

Thoughts on this life style and food regime?

    To address the no egg yolk, like meats, animal fats, etc. I just get sick and vomit when I try to eat the yolk. I use a mix of nut butters, coconut, nutritional yeast always mixed in with my egg whites to try to bring back out the balance. Another tid bit of information, I am trying to gain lean muscle mass, I am only 131lbs and 5’11” male. I started the cocoa nib binges, digestive enzymes, and my new keto bread in a effort to gain weight and have seen a increase from 126lbs back in June. My interest in keto is that I feel much better and my body runs better in ketoisis, I just keep going in and out of it. -_- Funny thing is up until recently I have never been able to stop eating. Like middle of the night I used to have to get up twice and have a scoop of protein powder and ground seed meal, or I would risk losing weight and feeling like a bus ran me over. Now I only need 2 scoops before bed, planning on dropping this and trying intermittent fasting once I get my weight up more. Oh and I have this thing, where I power pace most the day and can not sit still. I walk 14-16miles a day.
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Yikes! 🙂

My first thought was, “that’s complicated”. Where’s the fat? I consume approx 14 tablespoons of fat a day (grass-fed butter, coconut oil, lard). Eat fat.

Tomatoes are fine. Yellow ones have the lowest carbs, green the highest; red just below green but there’s not much difference between them, 1 or 2 grams of carbs. I think the amount of nuts and seeds is too much. Eat fat.

That’s a lot of egg whites! Why aren’t you eating the yolks? Eat fat.

I would work out every other day. I’ve never understood targeting groups, when a complete 20 minute workout, working the whole body, makes more sense. For example, dumbells. Instead of doing the normal up-down-up-down of the arms, lift them up above your head, Move one forward, the other back, then out to the sides. Move both to one side, out as far as you can then in to the chest or abs. Squat when they’re above your head. Stand up. Stand on one leg and do it all again. You get the idea. Whole body workout.

Run up a hill as fast as you can, walk back down, run up, walk down. Do that a few times and you’ll be on your kness. Whole body workout. in less than 20 mins. Eat fat.

I would avoid the fake cheese, and the tapioca starch. Eat fat.

Hopefully, once you start eating more fat, you’ll be able to tolerate meat better and can then reduce the number of egg whites and start eating the whole egg.

Take magnesium glycinate.

Good luck!


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Auto correct is a challenge! I love exogenous ketones!

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Eggs are more nutritious with the yolk.  The white and the yolk each have a different amino acid profile and nutrients that balance each other.   The yolk alone is a fragmented food. Not complete.  And you need fat to burn fat.

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hello! I have a few questions, can I use a salted caramel recipe in place of the Kraft caramels? also I’d worry the caramel would maybe burn, would it be such a bad idea to bake the top layer of brownie on it’s own and just stick on top of the peanut butter and caramel while it’s still warm and just let it cool like that? just a thought, I’m new to the homemade caramel thing so I need as much tips as I can get lol, thanks for your time!

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