Will I hit my weight loss goal with these macros?


Age: 23yrs height: 6ft 3inch

Weight:227lbs body fat:around 26%

I have been lifting heavy weights for 3 years but, gained a lot a weight in the last 3months (ton of sugars and no workout whatsoever)

Goal:  to lose 13+kgs body fat for my europe trip in march,2018.

Im doing a strict keto diet, with macros: 110gm protein 110gm fats(i know its too low) and around 25gm carbs.

I almost eat this on a daily basis:

6whole eggs, 50gm almonds, 200gm river salmon fish, 2tbsp coconut oil, 1scoop ON whey (24gm protein, 2.4gm carbs)

I weight training for 1 hr in the afternoon and run for 20min (10kmph) in the evening. I am able to comolete them efficiently with no weakness during anytime of the day.

Will i achieve my goal ?

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