Do I have the Keto flu?


My head is spinning nauseated need some help

  • Carolyn JORDAN asked 5 years ago
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Hello Carolyn!

I’ve been there. Sounds like the keto flu to me! You may need more electrolytes! Let’s chat about what you could try:

Why did you get the keto flu? Ok, so check this out. When we decrease our carb intake, our body begins burning up the stored sugar (glucose) in our cells which also contains water. This is why some people see such a quick drop in weight loss in the very beginning of their keto journey. The downside of this is that you also lose electrolytes in that water.

The main electrolytes I find my clients are deficient in are potassium, magnesium and sodium.

Here are a few ways to increase those to get past the keto flu faster:

Bone broth-great to put sodium back into your body. When you cut out packaged and processed foods, you decrease your sodium intake drastically!

Dried herbs or supplements with Potassium: keeping your potassium levels up helps to keep you from losing muscle in your weight loss journey

Magnesium-when you remove grains from your diet you also lose a lot of magnesium. Your body demands a lot of magnesium so that isn’t a good thing! Lots of people who are overweight, have high blood pressure or are insulin resistant are magnesium deficient because their body doesn’t store it and most passes through your urine. Some experts suggest taking at least 400 milligrams per day

I also find that alternating lemon juice and water then plain water in at least 8oz at a time helps to replenish what I’ve lost.

I hope that helps!


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