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I am just starting the keto diet and have a TON to learn.  Someplace on your website I found the number of Fat, Protein and Net Carbs in grams per day based on my current weight and my weight goal.

However, in the forum area, someone who could not lose weight on Keto wondered why.  The responder mentioned something about Calories Consumed per day.  I saw nothing about how many calories I should top out at per day.

I’m currently 260# and want to reach 220.. or even 210#.  I used 220 in my inputs and was given the following… Fat: 165g/day ; Protein: 147g/day; NET Carbs:25/day

So, based on the above.. should I even have to consider calories.. of so, please explain.  Thank you.


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So based on the numbers you gave me, we can know that your caloric intake for the day should be

Fat 165g=1485 calories (fat contains 9 calories per gram)

Protein 147g=588calories (protein contains 4 calories per gram)

Carbs: 25g=100 (carbs contain 4 calories per gram)

Total for the day: 2173 calories

If you are consuming the grams of each macronutrient, you will automatically get the caloric count your body needs. 🙂 I would focus on keeping your carbs low as first priority. This will allow your body to begin burning the fat.

Have you ever joined the Keto40 group? There is lots of support there and the videos and daily emails are very helpful to understanding how to start a keto lifestyle. Here is the link to see when the next class will be starting.

Good Luck!


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