Cycling back-and-forth from ketosis to glucose burning?


I’ve been on KETO for 18 mo. and am loving it, however I have heard a suggestion that it might be a good idea to go off of (cycle out of) the strict KETO diet every so often to shake things up a bit. The idea being that the body can get to used somethings and they loose  there benefits.                                                                                                                                                               I made a 2018 calendar that has me eating KETO for 82 days and eating CARBS and low fat for 9 days cycling through the whole year 82 on and 9 off. Mistake or worth a shot?

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Hey-I’d say go for it! I personally do keto for about 1 month then cycle to paleo. I know a lot of people who do this actually! I think it is a great idea to cycle in and out of ketosis. Even leaders like Dr. Mercola suggest this.

Good luck!

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