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Good morning Forum members. A bit of background information about me.  I  am a 78 year old pensioner who is determined to change his life and his world.  About 3 months ago I decided that I was sick and tired of looking at an out of condition body in the mirror. For a long while I was using a walking stick and had very limited mobility – the GP and the specialist said that I would never be pain free – basically get used to it!

I made a life changing decision, I stopped using the walking stick and left my knee and ankle braces off. Yes it did hurt but it did start to improve.  I mentioned to my new GP that I wanted to lose weight and increase my mobility.  At that point in time I had dropped from 101.6Kilos to 96.5Kilos.

Then I started on the Keto diet. By the end of day 5 I was down to 93.8Kilos. My blood sugar started at 9.5, went up to 10.3 and this morning was sitting at 8.7.

My questions are: 1) Is it usual for the weight to fluctuate and not show a dramatic improvement?

2) How quickly can I expect my blood sugar levels to drop. One of my objectives is to get off my type 2 medication. I do not want to go onto insulin.

I have made a couple of small changes in my diet, I introduced Greek Yoghurt and a small amount of 95% cocoa chocolate.

I have been receiving lots of emails – which one or which video do you believe that I should focus on.   I have set my first target weight at 85 followed by a review that will take me down to 80kgs.  Blood sugar – my objective is to be free of all medication. What do you people suggest I should do.


Kindest regards


Chas Monk



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