Blood sugar rising overnight


I’ve been Keto for 15 weeks now.  I’ve experienced lots of benefits, including 15 lbs gone.  I recently had some lab work done and my A1C was great (5.1 – down from 6.3 a couple of years ago), my average glucose was great (100 – which registered low on the scale) but fasting glucose was a little high (103 – not terribly high but enough for the doctor to comment).  Out of curiosity I started doing some experimenting.  Here’s what I found: my blood sugar is typically in the 90’s 2 hours after dinner and can be anywhere from 102-125 upon rising.  This is without eating anything after I check it in the evening.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Know what’s causing it and if there’s anything I can do to change it?  Know where I might be able to find more information about it, that pertains to keto dieters and not diabetes patients?

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