Bladder cancer and keto


Do you have any info on bladder cancer and using the keto diet to help cure it?  Maybe someone who has written in about their using it for cancer.



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Hey Nick!

I personally don’t have any experience with keto and bladder cancer but I do have some resources regarding cancer and keto.

Essentially when you remove processed foods, sugars, grains and high-net-carb fuels from your diet, you essentially stress cancer cells by depriving them of their preferred metabolic fuel

At the time that you start switching from being a carb burner to fat burner your healthy cells are given a cleaner, more ideal fuel which lowers oxidative stress, conserves antioxidants and optimized mitochondrial function.

Basically your healthy cells begin to thrive while your cancer cells struggle to survive (yes!)

(Adapted from Fat For Fuel By Dr. Mercola)

Does that help?


The KetoSummit Team

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