Are saturated fats good or bad? (Especially those from animal sources)


I just saw the following quote on another wesite that claims to have the answers to dietary changes needed for brain health:  “Surprisingly, saturated fats from plant sources such as nuts, coconut and avocado are extremely healthy. Only saturated fats from animal sources pose a problem.”

The ketogenic diet encourages consumption of all kinds of flesh proteins, and abstention from legumes, which the other source considers good eating.  I am confused now and wonder how I’m supposed to know which “experts” to follow when there seems to be disagreement in this too!  Help!!?

  • Carol
    Hi Peggy, I am not an expert however I have done a lot of research. The plant sources of saturated fats are excellent especially if they are organic. Ideally nuts should be soaked to get rid of the phytic acids that interferes with digestion. Toxins are stored in animal fats (human fat included) so that is most likely why they say animal sources could pose a problem. Grass-fed animals,humanely raised are your best sources. Individual experience varies greatly so find foods to which your body responds favorably. Here’s a website I trust, with 100’s of recipes. Dr Axw is also a good resource.
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