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Hi- how much amount of food one eats on keto diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I ‘m confused as most forums I have seen suggest until satisfied? but wouldn’t that lead to an increase in consumption of calories?

One more question; I use golden ration protein powder which has 10 gms of carb per serving and 30 gms of protein per serving. Do I need to stop this? this is low in carb but is this within the keto diet?


thanks for your help.


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Hey Aisha,

If I’m being honest, I can see where it is confusing to figure out how much food you should eat. Here is the advice I give me clients….find a keto calculator you like. Get an idea of what your macronutrients should be per day. Most start with a ratio such as 75% fat/ 20% Protein/ 5% fat or similar ratios. Then take the first week or so following that eating plan. Notice if you are hungry or full, etc. Start with those macros as a guide but listen to your body to stop eating when you are close to being full. Your body wants food for nourishment and you may find when following a keto eating style you eat less than usual!

Good luck!


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