I have been doing keto for 5 months and have lost 20 lbs! My question is about alcohol. I’ve been drinking sparsely and have logged every ounce, but I’m wondering if it has a big effect on weight loss.

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I find I do much better without alcohol.  It’s not so much the one glass of wine or whatever but it is the second glass that seems perfectly reasonable after the first one and the bad food choices that also seem perfectly reasonable after a couple of drinks.

It has also been proven that alcohol even in small quantities can mess with your sleep, keeping you from getting into deep sleep and/or keeping you from getting back to sleep if you get up in the middle of the night.  This raises your cortisol levels and prevents fat burning.

Also alcohol is perceived by the body as a toxic substance which is why it gets moved to the head of the line and gets metabolized right away.  While your liver is busy clearing out this toxin however, whatever else you ate my be getting shunted off into fat deposits until your organs get around to it.

So, it’s not all just about the carbs and the calories.  It’s about overall  health.

  • Cleo
    Thanks- that is a great answer!
  • Henry
    Yes, it is a fine answer. I don’t understand why so many people that advocate the Keto diet also pretend that a few drinks along the way don’t matter. It matters enough for me to regain 30 pounds while maintaining all the right food on the keto diet. I have had a few drinks nightly for most of my adult life and now have to realize that I have to give up my cocktails if I am going to lose weight.
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Setting aside the “eating the fridge while drunk” issue, I did lose most of my 42 lb initial loss while consuming a fair bit of alcohol. It was vodka and diet coke so zero carb and it was enough to count in my macros if you know what I mean.

So I would say that zero or very low carb alcohol per se isn’t going to stop weight loss, but there are calories in alcohol and it does take priority in being oxidised over fat.

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